Is a Facial Spa Franchise a Luxury Franchise? How the Game Is Changing

Is a Facial Spa Franchise a Luxury Franchise? How the Game Is Changing

Once considered an extravagance reserved for the ladies who lunch crowd, a facial is no longer just for the well-heeled. As facial spa franchise opportunities grow, so does access to the type of services long associated with grand hotels and destination vacations. These days, a luxury franchise is likely conveniently located in your neighborhood, offering upmarket services at affordable prices. Learn how this swanky game is changing as luxury businesses gain in popularity with both middle-class clients and owners.

Everyday Luxury

As we emerge into a post-pandemic world, people across socio-economic lines have realized self-care is not an indulgence but a necessity for physical and mental welfare. Demand is up for services like facials, hair and nail care, and massages. Projections show the global spa industry growing to $133 billion by 2027, a $28 billion dollar increase from pre-pandemic demand. An increasing number of businesses — including day spas, medical spas, hair salons, nail care salons, and massage studios — have emerged to serve a market that’s expanding to include a middle-class clientele with disposable income and a new focus on health and well-being.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity in this newly inclusive field, opening a franchise is one way to offer luxury services at accessible prices, enticing a new kind of clientele with money to spend on improving themselves. A business like a facial spa franchise or a massage franchise can cater to the needs of younger and more diverse clients by tailoring services at attainable prices. This can be achieved by offering reasonably priced single-visit services as well as subscriptions or memberships that offer perks for repeat visits to help create a steady monthly revenue stream for owners. A trip to a luxury franchise becomes a part of a weekly or monthly routine, as affordable as a gym membership, no longer only a luxury but a key component of overall wellness and health. The game is definitely changing, making what was once an exclusive luxury market attainable to a wider range of consumers.

Scissors & Scotch: Don’t Forget the Guys

Men are the MVPs of this rapidly expanding luxury service market. Attitudes about traditional masculinity are shifting, becoming more inclusive of self-care activities long associated with women, like skin care and hair care. As attaining work/life balance becomes a priority for more people, overworked, stressed out, tired dudes want to look better and feel better, improving their quality of life. As a result, the global male grooming market is projected to grow to $81.2 billion by 2024, with men already accounting for 49% of spa clientele. Offering services aimed at this growing segment of the facial spa franchise market is a slam dunk for success. A barbershop franchise like Scissors & Scotch offering more than just a shave and haircut is the new kind of affordable yet deluxe grooming experience men deserve.

Consider a Scissors & Scotch Franchise

Why Scissors & Scotch? Since 2015, S&S has been ahead of the curve, offering classic grooming services, a fully stocked bar, and serious potential to grow into major cities across the U.S. Investing in a Scissors & Scotch franchise means you’re tapping into a fast-growing market for men’s grooming services at prices attainable for the everyday guy.

Our reasonably priced services include haircuts and buzzcuts, styling, scalp massages and facial refreshers, traditional barbering, hair coloring, and waxing. Plus drinks. And a private lounge. Luxury has never felt so manly. How awesome is that?

Scissors & Scotch prices are designed to be friendly for all budgets, and more than 10,000 men have become members. By purchasing completely customizable membership packages, affordability for the customer is ensured. Membership packages are also intended to encourage repeat business and help develop a steady flow of revenue for franchise owners.

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