Barbershop for Sale: 3 Reasons a Franchise Is a Head Above the Rest

Barbershop for Sale: Three Reasons a Franchise Is a Head Above the Rest

You were that kid who didn’t cry when it was time to visit the barbershop. You loved sitting in that barber chair, lollipop in hand, snipped hair falling to the floor. You’d walk outta the shop with your fresh cut and your new balloon and think, “maybe someday.” Now you’re that adult who dreams of being the boss, but rather than starting a business from scratch, you’re looking for a barbershop for sale. Learn why buying a franchise might be a better idea.

You Get What You Pay For

If building a business from the ground up is more than you’re willing to take on, buying a barbershop for sale might seem the right-sized bite to take. But in your search for the perfect business to purchase, you may find riding on the shoulders of another person’s dream comes at a steeper price than you thought, with several items already in the cons column. A successful barbershop owner will ask a high price, while a business that seems like a bargain could wind up costing you more in the end. Often, you won’t know what problems exist until after you’ve purchased the business. A seller might misrepresent their financials, or equipment might need repairing, upgrading, or replacing. The business you’re buying might have a bad track record with customers or a history of issues with creditors, which means you’re already in the hole.

Investing in a barbershop franchise comes with few financial surprises. All the costs are laid out in advance, meaning you’ll know exactly what you need to get started with a well-known and vetted company. All the legal, financial, and operational structures will be discussed with you. Once your business launches, you’ll be the boss – but the franchisor will have your back.

You’re Only as Good as the People You Work With

A barbershop for sale might well include existing employees as part of the deal. But that could mean inheriting workers who are unhappy with current operations or unwilling to implement the changes you’d like to make. They may have different ideas about how to provide good customer service and consistent quality. They may not have the qualifications you desire in an employee. Without training and support systems in place, as well as decent pay and benefits, employee turnover can be high, destabilizing your business and tarnishing your customers’ experience.

With a franchise like Scissors & Scotch, your employees will be a part of an existing team of well-trained experts in their field. Our employee retention rate is 50% higher than industry norms, ensuring consistency of service and familiarity for your customers. Both you as the franchisee and your employees will receive top-notch training and ongoing support as part of the growing Scissors & Scotch family.

Location, Location, Location

An existing barbershop may have issues with its location you won’t be aware of until you’ve taken over. A successful business needs to be located where customers can see it and walk in or park with ease. An existing location can have problems with neighboring businesses, either from practices that negatively impact your business or from competition. The location you buy may have a landlord who is difficult to work with.

With a haircut franchise, the franchisor has already researched locations and landlords, co-tenants and traffic patterns, and strategically targeted markets across the country where success is possible. They’ll even know which markets are conducive to multiple franchise locations, meaning you could buy more than one. How’s that sound, boss?

Heads Above the Rest: Invest in Scissors & Scotch

Scissors & Scotch was born in 2015 and has been rapidly expanding ever since. As part of the S&S franchise family, you’ll have a pre-poured foundation for success, training, and support for you and your team of employees.

Scissors & Scotch is a brand leader, changing the barbershop game with comprehensive barbering and spa services along with excellent hooch. Join our team and live your dream of owning a barbershop. Apply now and one of our franchise development representatives will be in touch.