Advantages of Franchising - Scissors & Scotch

What the Franchise?

Think of franchising like a partnership. You know, gin and tonic, Batman and Robin, hipsters and Wes Anderson films.

This partnership is formed between a franchisee (that’s you) and a franchisor (that’s us).

Like any successful relationship, it’s a little give, a little get. A franchisor licenses its brand name, business model and operational expertise to the franchisee. In exchange, a franchisee must pay fees, including ongoing royalties, and agree to follow the franchise agreement.

Why Should You Franchise?

The franchising business model is older than your great-great-grandfather, for God’s sake. Its success and popularity has been proven time and time again. If bringing your great-great-grandfather into this wasn’t good enough, let us elaborate.

  • You are your own boss. Nuff said.

  • You are given a blueprint for success. The franchisor will guide you through every single step and offer ongoing help. Hope you don’t have clammy hands.

  • You work with a recognizable brand. And in some cases - *ahem* - you contribute to the catalyst of a kickass brand gaining national recognition.

  • You can leverage a strong network. The corporate team and other franchisees are constantly thinking up new ways to improve the business, and you’ll have access to some of the best marketing, business, and analytics resources around.

  • You are doing something you’re passionate about. An ideal franchisee is an entrepreneurial-minded individual or group, with a go-getter attitude and a craving for success.