Men’s Haircut Franchise - Scissors & Scotch

Let's do the damn thing

In 2015, Scissors & Scotch launched with six employees and one shop. Since then, we’ve grown to thousands of members across multiple states. We’re growing fast, and we’re looking for franchisees to join in on the action. Don’t get us wrong – we love sandwiches, coffee, and convenience stores. But when you franchise with Scissors & Scotch, you have a direct impact on the confidence and good spirits of guys everywhere.

Back up. What is scissors & Scotch?

A few years ago, we made a momentous realization. When it comes to men’s grooming, there are basically three options – your dad’s barbershop, your wife’s salon, or any joint with clips in the name. So, the way most brilliant ideas are born, a few cocktails one night parlayed into a concept that would alter the essence of men’s grooming everywhere. Yeah, that’s full body chills you got there, champ.

At Scissors & Scotch, you can expect the old-school spirit of a barbershop with a new age twist. Classic grooming services, a fully stocked bar and a sleek setting join forces to create one helluva grooming experience for the modern, grown-ass man.

We have serious potential

Fast forward a few years later from the day our doors first opened – we’ve grown exponentially, and we’re looking for awesome people to help us extend the S&S experience in major cities nationwide. This industry is booming with potential, in high demand, and far from ubiquitous – making it an opportunity you’d be a fool to pass up.

We got your back

Through ups, downs, side parts and undercuts, you’ll feel nothing but support. We offer a comprehensive training program for our franchisees and our employees, because we want everyone to be as successful as possible. Our corporate team is dedicated to assisting our franchisees, while continually seeking ways to improve the company.

We have a team of experts

Your success is our success, and vice versa. That’s why we have teamed up with experts to tackle every aspect of the business. From market analysis to advertising, each facet has decades of experience that will set you up for serious success.

Market analysis

  • Statistics are vital to growing our franchise model. That’s why we work with a highly experienced customer analytics firm to research your market’s size, demographics and competition.

Site Selection

  • We don’t believe in guessing games; we believe in strategy. We’ve partnered with a real estate firm that provides information on landlord reputation, co-tenant strength, traffic patterns and other factors that will increase your likelihood of success.

Project Management

  • Our team will guide you through the entire new shop experience, from signing to opening – coordinating architecture design, leading plan approvals, soliciting general contractor bids and providing step-by-step instructions for every buildout, procurement and more along the way.

Hands-on Training

  • Maximized team efficiency starts with fully-prepared employees and operators. Our industry-leading employee training results in top-notch talent and high retention rates, while our operator training is streamlined, collaborative and customized to your contract.

Marketing Playbook

  • Our marketing materials are polished and turnkey – you will have access to a library of branded assets starting on day one. Plus, our strategy is consistently optimized by a professional agency so we can provide you with best practices.

Systems and Support

  • The moment your shop’s doors open is just the start of a thriving partnership. From the get-go, we’ll provide you with a live, searchable operations manual, complete with templates, tools and programs for every area of the business. Our ongoing assistance will help ensure your investment flourishes.

Targeted Advertising

  • Our goal is to help you reach capacity as quickly as possible. To accomplish that, we not only provide a catalog of branded content, but a strategy to ensure that content is hitting the right customers within your market. We’ll help optimize your marketing dollars so you can focus on the franchise.

We don't have commitment issues

What can we say, we’re relationship people. Our employees, our clients, and our communities are of the utmost importance to us. We’re looking for franchisees who understand what it takes to form, and maintain, positive relationships with each of these groups, respectively.

Our Staff

  • Our talented stylists, receptionists and bartenders are the best of the best. Our employee turnover rates are 50% lower than the industry average, because we believe Scissors & Scotch is a career move, not a temp job. And for that reason, we’re proud to offer our team a highly competitive compensation and benefits package.

Our Clients

  • When you notice one-timers quickly becoming regulars, you create a membership program. Our active member base is thousands deep and is growing by the minute. We owe our success to our clientele and fan base, and most of them owe us on the 15th of the month.

Our Communities

  • Connections in our communities are an important part of our company. We love partnering with craft breweries for tap takeovers, clothing lines for trunk shows, and other local businesses. We also strongly believe in giving back, which is why we created a Community Impact Fund.