Beauty Business Ideas Aren't Just for Women: Here's 3 for the Guys

Beauty Business Ideas Aren’t Just for Women: Here’s Three for the Guys

The beauty business has traditionally focused on females, giving women lots of opportunities to invest in looking and feeling their best. Yet as men’s awareness of the importance of grooming and well-being grows, so too does the demand for male-oriented products and services. By 2025, the global industry is projected to grow to $78.5 billion. If you’re interested in owning your own business, exploring beauty business ideas that focus on the fellas puts you ahead of the pack. Here are three ideas centered around the guys.

Grooming as an Experience

Women have long enjoyed the pleasures of a day at the spa. More than an appointment for a massage or body scrub, a spa day might involve meeting girlfriends, and relaxing in a plush robe with cucumber-infused water or a smoothie. There might be a cell-phone free zone for relaxing with a book or meditating, a steam room, a cold plunge or hot tub. Many day spas offer cafes serving healthy and delicious food.

After lockdowns, social distancing, and remote work, men are also craving satisfying experiences centered on feeling and looking good but with a masculine slant. The standard male rituals of haircuts and shaves are now often accompanied by an atmosphere of companionship. Well-appointed barbershops now include high-definition TVs, top-notch sound systems, and deluxe barber chairs. Hanging out and socializing are encouraged as men linger over cocktails, beer, or coffee. Creating such a mellow, relaxed vibe for your male-focused beauty business could ensure customers will book their next appointment before hitting the road.

From Head to Toe

More men are seeking head-to-toe self-care, just as women have for generations, and nail care is a crucial part of being a well-groomed man. Whether their hands are on display during a business meeting or their feet are out in the open during a beach vacation, gnarled nails are not okay. And while not all guys are looking to have digits as manicured as Harry Styles, even athletes like LeBron James take the time to be fine. Salt or sugar scrubs and paraffin hand and foot treatments also appeal to men who want to be rid of flaking or calloused skin. If your beauty business ideas extend to nail care, consider offering waxing services for men as well. Nothing says caveman like the errant nose or ear hair, unkempt brow, or furry neck. Waxing can be offered as a package with men’s routine haircuts and shaves, creating a bonus source of revenue for your business.

Beyond the Buzz

While few would argue with the sleekness and ease of a No. 4 buzz cut, the world of men’s hairstyles has lots more to offer. According to the website The Adult Man, there are at least 30 hot men’s hairstyles trending in 2022, from the High Fade Pompadour to the Undercut and Fade with Surgical Part. More men are coloring their hair using permanent color or highlights. In order to meet the demand for a wide variety of haircut requests, your male-centered beauty business should make sure your staff is schooled on the latest looks. In addition to an updated ‘do, men are keen on caring for their hair with shampoos, conditioners, gels, creams, and oils. Offering these products either in your shop or on your e-commerce site is a beauty business idea that’s sure to bring in the bucks and satisfy your male customers.

The Most Badass Beauty Biz Idea of All

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