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Why a Beard Business grows faster than your five o’clock shadow

Your stubble isn’t the only thing that’s growing fast. Learn why a beard business is a great investment with a thriving market.

Beards are Booming

The global beard grooming market is projected to reach $43.1 billion by 2026, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% over the next five years. The United States makes up a significant portion of the men’s personal care market, with men from all walks of life taking a keen interest in maintaining a well-groomed appearance. More than ever, men are trying out new products and services, all in the name of personal upkeep.

As scruffy faces continue to be popular and boast a range of different styles, beard-specific brands and services geared towards facial hair are popping up all over the place. Although a bearded face may appear to require less maintenance to the untrained eye than a clean-shaven mug, men are spending a pretty penny to keep their beards looking and feeling great.

More than a Mustache

The beard business is no longer limited to simple razors and shaving cream. Men specific about the style and beard grooming products they use are finding more options than ever to cater to their preferences. The rising interest in facial hair aesthetics has witnessed the popularization of beard oils and other beard grooming products that help beautify and condition the beard for a more extended period.

Changing perceptions toward facial hair and the increasing popularity of men’s grooming services has led to the growth of grooming products, especially beard care. Most men feel that a well-groomed appearance enhances personal style and boosts self-confidence. Bearded men tend to derive a unique sense of pride from their facial hair. Various grooming trends often proliferated through social media, have inculcated millennials to focus on appearance and beard styling. The exposure to global brands and products with the rise in purchasing power among millennials enhances market growth.

As a result, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a new beard wax company or line of artisanal aftershaves. For curious investors, the market size can feel as overwhelming as it is encouraging. The true mark of a winning beard business is its ability to stand out against a sea of competitors.

Beard growing requires a fair amount of upkeep, which is made possible through the use of the right products and the services of knowledgeable and highly skilled barbers and stylists.

Go Bold with Scissors & Scotch

You may have zero professional experience in the barbershop industry or have never so much as growing your mustache, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the ample opportunities provided by the right beard business. The advantages of franchising with Scissors & Scotch include the support of a proven and growing brand that truly knows the ins and outs of men’s grooming.

Founded in 2015 with a single shop in Omaha, NE, Scissors & Scotch has been expanding to major cities around the country, bringing our uniquely modern barbershop-meets-favorite-watering-hole model to red-blooded men everywhere.

Scissors & Scotch customers quickly become regulars, providing our franchise owners with a solid membership base and active repeat business. Our loyal fanbase is a testament to our world-class services and killer Scissors & Scotch shop environment.

Facial hairstyles are constantly changing, and just as you can choose to sport a handsome handlebar one week, you may decide to go fresh-shaved the next. No matter your mood or lifestyle, a business that specializes in the essential service of helping you look and feel your best will never go out of style. Scissors & Scotch is built to provide the ultimate customer experience and a badass opportunity for prospective franchise owners.

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