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Massage Franchise: 4 must-know risks (and what’s a better choice)

Everyone enjoys a good massage. A massage can be a therapeutic, regenerative experience in the right hands: improving blood circulation, loosening muscles, and promoting overall relaxation. But being such a personal and intimate experience, massage franchise owners take on a handful of risks that other self-care providers can avoid. These risks generally stem from legal, ethical, and health-related causes.

Interested in owning a massage franchise? Know the risks involved and what similar types of franchises could be more innovative investments for you.


Massage involves the kind of personal contact that most businesses do not encounter daily. For that reason owners must carefully vet their employees not just for skill, but for proper ethics. Most states require that massage workers undergo specific training and receive licensure through state agencies. The licensing process ensures that prospective employees are qualified to deliver various types of massage and uphold professional and healthy behavior with customers at all times.

Health & Safety

Due to close contact between massage therapists and customers during sessions, massage franchise owners must prioritize the health and safety of all parties involved. Risks for therapists can range from blood clots to overexertion and pulled muscles. The nature of the profession requires therapists and customers to be alone together, so owners must take extra care for everyone’s safety, should anything go sideways. Owners and therapists must also evaluate customers’ extenuating physical risks as, in some cases, a massage can do more harm than good.

Litigation Risks

Because of the intimate nature of the business, massage franchises are open to a range of litigious situations initiated by both customers and massage therapists. Misunderstandings are natural but can lead to costly results. Businesses can prevent these issues, from training to safety protocol, but many massage franchises must retain legal counsel in preparation for problematic situations.

Non-Essential Business

Over the past year or so, we have all learned to prioritize our well-being and that some services are more essential than others. The average customer can view it as extraneous, making it difficult for massage franchise owners to maintain business when challenging and unforeseen circumstances occur.

A Different Opportunity

Still, in the business of improving customers’ quality of life, a haircut franchise offers both an exciting ownership opportunity and a chance to add a little style and confidence to our customers’ lives. The global haircare market is an adaptable and growing field, expected to reach $211.1 billion over the next four years.

Trending awareness about grooming habits, facial hair pride, and self-care routines make haircut franchises indispensable and resistant to the pitfalls of other personal service industries.

While massage may be deemed a luxury, a good haircut can be both a necessity and a treat yourself experience in the right hands.

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