7 Cool Business Ideas in the Spa Industry

7 Cool Business Ideas in the Spa Industry

Spa days aren’t just a luxury for the wealthy anymore. If you’re thinking about opening a business in the spa industry, check out these exciting and unique opportunities.

Spa Game

Now more than ever, people recognize the importance of overall wellbeing and the connection between inner and outer beauty. The spa business casts a wide net in this expanding market as demand increases for services that make customers look and feel better. As people seek shared experiences found at many spas, friends and loved ones can connect over regular treatments and services or those special occasion splurges at hotel and resort spas.

According to Statista, by 2027 the global spa services market will be $133 billion. As the growing spa market appeals to a growing middle class with disposable income, spas have broadened offerings well beyond facials and manicures, and at price points accessible to many. Let’s explore some up-and-coming business ideas in the spa industry.

7 Business Ideas: A New (Spa) Day

Standing out in a tough business often means finding your niche. The market for spa services is no different, so it’s important to discover an area that you’re enthusiastic about and has strong consumer demand. Forget your spa day; here are some worthy new ideas:

Beauty Blogger: Turn your obsession with beauty and words into a business. Consumers turn to beauty bloggers for advice on the latest trends and best products. 67% of shoppers look to beauty influencers before making a purchase. If you can grow enough brand awareness, beauty businesses will seek a presence on your platform, paying you for access to your followers.

Aromatherapy: Create a business as an aroma therapist and herbalist. Aromatherapy uses essential oils derived from herbs and other plants. Using diffusers, creams, spritzers, and other products, aromatherapy enhances mood and beauty. Consumers are seeking natural alternatives to chemical-laden products, making this area of the spa market one to watch.

Spray tanning: Gone are the days of slathering on the baby oil and baking in the sun. Beauty consumers are hip to the damage the sun’s rays can cause. Spray tans have been around for a while but what’s new is customers’ desire for more eco-friendly and organic spray tan services. This industry is expected to grow to $1.1 billion by 2027. And with annual indoor sunless tanning users up to 10 million in the U.S., that’s a lot of potential customers for your new business.

Aesthetic laser treatments: This area of the spa market includes the removal of unwanted hair and those old ill-advised tattoos. While training and licensing are required to become a laser technician, it can be a profitable business with multiple sessions required to achieve the desired results, running between $125 and $1,000 dollars each.  

Brow and lash studio: Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, does that make brows and lashes the curtains? Consumers seem to think so as micro blading, brow tints, and lash extensions become routine services for women and men.

Mobile spa: Take your show on the road and bring your spa services directly to your customer. Invest in a van or truck instead of renting a studio and treat your clients to comfort and convenience.

Barbershop: Barbershops might seem like an old-school idea, but today’s barbershops capitalize on men’s growing interest in grooming. A men’s grooming franchise like Scissors & Scotch is a kick-ass idea for any spa business entrepreneur looking to do something innovative and fun. Scissors & Scotch is where traditional barbering meets modern-day spa services over drinks.

Stand Out with Scissors & Scotch

Standing out in the crowded spa industry can be a challenge. That’s why becoming part of the Scissors & Scotch family is such an awesome move. At S&S, franchisees are given a blueprint for success, becoming part of a nationally recognized brand. More than traditional barbering, Scissors & Scotch offers an experience for men seeking something more elevated and leaves them looking great. There are even memberships for the guys who want to make taking care of themselves a regular thing, guaranteeing you repeat business. Let your search for a great business idea end here.

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