7 Characteristics of a Successful Spa Entrepreneur

7 Characteristics of a Successful Spa Entrepreneur

Interested in owning a spa business? Learn what characteristics you need to be a successful spa entrepreneur.

The Heart and Soul of Success

The spa industry is unique and different from other industries in a few key ways. The options for specialization are vast. You could focus on massage, skincare, or haircare. You could open a medical spa or a mineral spa. It’s not a 9-to-5 kind of business; it’s more of an all-day, everyday endeavor. Interaction with customers is high-touch and personal, creating familiarity that leads to long-term relationships. And while quality services and products matter, the spa industry is about feeling good. Customers who leave happy, refreshed, and relaxed will be back for more.

As an entrepreneur, there are certain personal characteristics you’ll need to succeed in this industry. Let’s look at seven:

Accountability: You’ve set goals for your business. Recruit a trusted ally who will hold you accountable for meeting and exceeding those goals, keeping you honest, and on track.

Courage: Running any business is not for the faint of heart. Be willing to push yourself into unknown territory, learn new things that benefit your customers and employees, and lead your team to success.

Perseverance: Adversity is part of life and is most certainly part of running a business. Don’t give up when you encounter bumps. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, smooth back your hair, and get back at it.

Open-mindedness: Always be learning, growing, developing, and discovering. Nobody ever got anywhere with a closed mind.

Discipline: When you own a business, you’re the boss. No one is setting your alarm in the morning, making your lunch, or assigning your homework. It’s all on you. You’ve got to crack your own whip and be an example to your employees. If you don’t have discipline, neither will they.

Confidence: Again, you da boss. Be da boss. Own it. Work it.

Being balanced: Part of your desire to be an entrepreneur probably involves having a greater work/life balance. Don’t let this get lost in the shuffle. Prioritize what matters to you. Work isn’t everything.

How to Reach Your Goals

The onset of the pandemic threw the spa industry for a loop, but it has been bouncing back in a big way. There’s a new emphasis on personal wellbeing, and that includes looking and feeling good. Consumers are once again visiting spas and salons, making it a great time to open a beauty business. If you’re thinking about becoming a spa entrepreneur and you’ve ticked off most of the characteristic boxes, there are a few smart business moves you should make to create your best chance for success:

Make a business plan: Define what your successful spa business will look like and the path you’ll take to get there.

Create a niche: The spa industry is competitive, so you’ll need to stand out. Differentiate yourself from the rest by identifying your target consumer and what makes your beauty business unique.

Focus on quality: Once you create your niche, be the best at what you do. Offer customers the best services, products, employees, and experience. You’ll impress your clientele and generate great reviews and word of mouth.

Find a prime location: When you know who your client is, you can open your business where they live, work, shop, and play. Be visible so you’re easy to find in an area not already saturated with spas and salons. Have ample parking and eye-catching signage.

Make a marketing plan: A snappy marketing campaign will let potential customers know who and where you are. Creating a brand identity will help clients understand not only what you offer but the spirit behind the business.

Keep in mind that opening a spa with an established franchise brand can make all these steps easier. A franchise like Scissors & Scotch can’t help you with your personal characteristics, but we can help you with all other aspects of business.

Scissors & Scotch: You’re the One That We Want

At Scissors & Scotch, we’ve found our niche, serving the hairy with top-notch barbering while soothing the harried with top-shelf booze. As a Scissors & Scotch franchise owner, you’ll have everything you need to be a success. Our proven business model has led to exponential growth, and we need entrepreneurs like you to help us expand to major cities across the U.S. We offer training, site selection, marketing, advertising, proven systems and ongoing support to help you succeed because we’re in this together.

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