Roosters Men's Grooming Franchise vs Scissors & Scotch: A Comparison

Roosters Men’s Grooming Franchise vs. Scissors & Scotch: A Comparison

The barbershop industry is heating up like a steaming towel. The industry’s resurgence is due to a renewed focus on men establishing a strong style identity affirming their self-confidence. Certain metrics back this up, with Statista estimating the men’s grooming industry to be worth $81.2 billion in 2024. There are numerous barbershop franchises to choose from, so it’s important to do your research.

For example, let’s take a look at Roosters Men’s Grooming franchise and learn how it compares to another barbershop franchise, Scissors & Scotch so that you can choose the best investment opportunity.

Here’s a side-by-side analysis of Roosters Men’s Grooming franchise cost versus a Scissors & Scotch franchise, franchise expansion, training, and support.

Roosters Men’s GroomingScissors & Scotch
Median Gross Sales$304,067*$1,071,899**
Franchise Fee$39,000$50,000
Initial Investment$208,166 – $342,808$514,300 – $749,250
Net Worth Requirement$750,000$1 Million
Liquid Capital Requirement$150,000$300,000
Royalty Fee4% first year
6% after that
4% – 6.5%
Ad Royalty Fee1%2%
Franchise GrowthUS/CAN Units
2019: 85
2021: 91
US Units
2019: 8
2021: 20

*Based on Item 19 of FDD of Gross Sales from Jul 1, 2020 to Jun 30, 2021
**Based on Item 19 of FDD of Gross Sales of the 11 stores open from Jan 1, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021

Behind the Costs with Roosters

Roosters Men’s Grooming franchise is a part of Regis Corporation, which owns over a dozen other hair salon franchises like Smartstyle Hair Salons, MasterCuts, Pro-Cuts, and Famous Hair. Roosters started business in 1999, and as the table shows, they’ve only added six stores in the last two years.

Roosters does not require previous salon experience, but the franchise prefers franchisees with multi-unit franchising experience. In addition, they say they’re looking for people with high emotional intelligence, the ability to lead and develop teams, excellent communication skills, and strong business acumen.

The initial investment includes training costs. Training is held at the corporate headquarters in Minneapolis and lasts about five days. You will receive an in-depth review of operations, hiring and retention, product retail, marketing and advertising, public relations, bookkeeping, and technology at training.

After signing on as a franchisee, you have a year to pick your salon location. Once you choose one, corporate will then approve the location. Unlike other franchises, they don’t offer any site selection help. When it comes to building out your salon, they recommend that you use an approved vendor for the buildout. This costs between $5,500 to $7,500.

As for ongoing support, Roosters Men’s Grooming offers its franchisees grand opening support, a toll-free hotline, online support, ad templates, marketing, social media, conventions, and newsletters.

Be a Part of Scissors & Scotch’s Expansion

Men are becoming more selective regarding self-care, and Scissors & Scotch understands that. So, to keep our clients’ attention captivated, we offer a high-end service experience with a full cocktail lounge.

Although you may look at the side-by-side comparison chart and notice that investing in a Roosters franchise appears less expensive overall, Scissors & Scotch is providing the best bang for your buck. For just a bit more money upfront, you can more than triple the return on your investment.

Scissors & Scotch is a growing men’s grooming barbershop that combines the nostalgic vibes of an old-school barbershop with the modern amenities that were lacking in the industry. In 2015, three best friends turned their vision into reality by opening the first Scissors & Scotch. Their concept quickly attracted like-minded entrepreneurs, opening opportunities for franchisees, and helping accelerate their rise. Now, there are more than 20 locations, with many more in the works. In just two years, their presence has more than doubled. The opportunities are endless with S&S, as we currently have territories for sale in 39 states.

We pride ourselves on our training. S&S offers 40 hours each of classroom and on-the-job training to acquaint you with the industry and vibe that is wholly unique to our brand. Beyond training you as a franchisee, we put emphasis on training stylists. This investment has paid off, with an exceptional level of experience, resulting in an incredible retention rate.

Everything we do has a strategy. First, we partner with a real estate firm to find you the prime spot. They consider factors like the landlord’s reputation, your potential neighbors, and traffic patterns. But unlike some other barbershop franchise opportunities, our support doesn’t stop there. We guide you through the construction project by coordinating the design, leading plan approvals, finding a general contractor, and step-by-step directions for every buildout.

When buying into Scissors & Scotch, you are never alone. We have a team of experts to back you up for market analysis, marketing, advertising, and business operations support. Our turn-key business model allows you to focus on your shop and help us grow the brand together.

Don’t miss out on a badass franchise opportunity in an evolving and recession-resistant industry. Get started today with Scissors & Scotch.