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Hair Salon Franchise: What to look for when choosing

Interested in owning a hair salon franchise? Not all haircare businesses are created equal. Learn what to consider before making your choice.

Bang For Your Buck

The value of your investment can be extrapolated in several ways. A strong ROI is essential, but so are all of the features and provisions that the right franchise opportunity offers, including training, a kickass concept, a top-notch marketing plan, and ongoing support.

The quality of a hair salon franchise brand, its overall reputation, and the distinguishing factors that set it apart from the competition are likely what drew you to it in the first place. Equally important is the feeling that you get when you step through the doors. You aren’t interested in just any other barbershop franchise. You want to invest in a killer brand that stands out from the competition and helps you make your mark.

With the global haircare market as large as it is, it’s crucial that you choose a concept that you feel you can grow within the long term and that will continue to value you as a partner.

Cue The Training Montage

When choosing a hair salon franchise, it’s essential to look for the brands that offer the most comprehensive training programs to get you up and running. Whether you have previous shop experience or not, the right franchise will provide a training program for both you and your staff. A quality franchise has the power to attract some top-notch haircare professionals and empower you in your abilities to help them do their thing.

You may have never held a pair of scissors or clippers in your life, and that is far from the point. The right hair salon franchise will say “I got you” and expertly guide you through the process of owning, opening, and operating a winning barbershop staffed by a team of creative professionals who know exactly what to do.

Beyond attracting a team of badass hair artists, you want to look for a franchise that can retain these invaluable employees, keeping them fully engaged and as psyched about the business as you are. Scissors & Scotch is proud to offer industry-leading employee training and support that results in the retention of unmatched talent, keeping both the customers and the franchisees happy.

Marketing That Means Business

If you’ve skirted the independent route and opted to invest in a hair salon franchise, a massive part of the franchise process is a robust marketing plan to help launch your business. You want to invest in a brand dedicated to building a buzz so strong that on opening day, there won’t be an empty chair in the place.

Scissors & Scotch provides expert marketing guidance and pristine promotional materials so that you will have access to a library of branded assets from day one. More than that, our in-house strategic team is consistently optimizing marketing and outreach techniques using various channels to reach your prospective customers. Unlike some more homogenized hair salon franchises, Scissors & Scotch understands that maintaining a direct connection with loyal and prospective customers is vital. The Scissors & Scotch marketing team handles getting the word out about your hair salon franchise so you can focus on your business.

Room To Grow

The support doesn’t stop even after the opening-day ribbon and first heads of hair have been cut. With Scissors & Scotch, you are now part of a thriving, symbiotic partnership. If you’re looking for an upwardly mobile, consistently expanding barbershop franchise concept that stands out from the competition — look no further.

Men’s grooming is one of the fastest-growing opportunities within the recession-resistant beauty industry. Our concept combines the market-driven need for high-quality hair salon services with a fully stocked bar and relaxing environment. Scissors & Scotch is changing the game in an industry that is over-saturated with basic concepts that cater to no one in particular.

Kick It Off With Scissors & Scotch

Scissors & Scotch started as a bold upstart back in 2015 with one shop and six employees and developed into a formidable franchise once we realized we had a genuinely unique concept on our hands. We offer prospective franchisees a natural partnership: through training, marketing, shop layout, and concept, we welcome investors to become a part of a growing brand like no other.

We invite you to learn more about this helluva good franchising opportunity with Scissors & Scotch today.