The Entrepreneur's Franchise: 5 Things That Matter Most

The Entrepreneur’s Franchise: 5 things that matter most

What makes an entrepreneur’s franchise? Check out the things that matter most to top business moguls when choosing their next franchise opportunity.

A New Horizon

Your entrepreneurial journey will inevitably lead you to want to branch out and grow your portfolio. Diversifying through various business opportunities is a sure-fire way to keep things interesting while allowing you to capitalize on market potential beyond the status quo.

Whether you’re new to the world of investment or are a seasoned pro, you know that entrepreneurship is for the bold. Independent ventures can be enticing, but franchising is vast and varied and can offer the perfect opportunity to dive into a new business with the backing of a successful brand.

Franchising highlights all the benefits of independent entrepreneurship with fewer associated risks. While it is still a significant undertaking, the endeavor is supported by a network of professionals and market experts committed to your success.

Brains + Brawn

Many entrepreneurs find their most tremendous success through investing in the dynamic concepts devised by others. A winning business idea requires the business acumen of savvy entrepreneurs to develop and succeed. A true entrepreneur’s franchise bypasses the drawing-board stage by bringing together all the critical pieces of a well-oiled business machine.

Through franchising, you invest in an established brand with a popular product or service already in place.

Suppose you become a franchise owner with Scissors & Scotch. In that case, you’re investing in a unique concept within the expanding global male grooming market, seizing the opportunity to become a part of a brand carving out its niche in the industry.

Your brains plus our brawn? Sounds like an unbeatable combination.

Step Right In

Scissors & Scotch is a turnkey men’s grooming franchise opportunity that doesn’t require any previous industry background from its franchise owners. If you’ve got leadership experience and a willingness to learn, you could be the right fit for us. Your initial investment will cover all the training you need to become the go-to spot for your customers.

Personal Pursuits

One of the perks of being an entrepreneur investing in a franchise is the chance to seek out sectors that make excellent business sense and appeal to you on a personal level. Men are becoming increasingly interested in self-care. The male grooming market is predicted to grow to over $81 billion globally by 2024.

Because Scissors & Scotch values business acumen, you don’t need any industry experience to qualify. You’ve been a consultant for 15 years? No problem. Own a group of fast-food franchises? Hey, even better. We encourage you to explore passion projects that vary from a traditional investment portfolio.

Room To Grow

One of the most significant benefits of considering a franchise like Scissors & Scotch is the opportunity to expand your investment portfolio with a brand that encourages multi-unit growth.

Diversifying with a kick-ass brand in a booming market offers all the opportunities that your portfolio may be lacking. Scissors & Scotch provides both professional and personal fulfillment for investors seeking to branch out, with reasonable startup costs and a streamlined franchise model designed to help both new and experienced business owners find their place in the hair care industry.

Scissors & Scotch is proud to offer prospective franchise owners a mutually beneficial multi-unit agreement demonstrating our commitment to your ongoing success. As a fully scalable, rapidly growing franchise model, Scissors & Scotch appeals to customers and franchisees alike with its unique approach to men’s grooming in a fun, eclectic environment unlike any other franchise in the industry.

Scissors & Scotch: The Ultimate Entrepreneur’s Franchise

If you are a successful entrepreneur itching for your next investment opportunity, franchising with Scissors & Scotch is an exciting and recession-resistant choice. Our unique brand of barbershop-meets-favorite-watering-hole makes S&S an enticing spot for every man in need of a little spruce-up and relaxation.

Scissors & Scotch is primed for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to stake their claim as part of a game-changing brand. We epitomize the self-made man making his mark on the world and looking damn good while doing it.

Initially launched by a small group of like-minded Midwestern upstarts in 2015, Scissors & Scotch is expanding our modern yet timeless concept to cities across the nation, and we’re looking for ambitious, enthusiastic entrepreneurs to join our team.

To learn more about franchising opportunities in your area and start a conversation, get started with Scissors & Scotch today.